cindy thornton▸ U3: English Connections

Achievement Standards Grade 3/4
English: Texts include writing and images to express …events, information, ideas and characters.
Digital Technologies:
Students plan a sequence of steps (algorithms) to create solutions, including visual programs.

We’ve been reading a novel called Island of the Blue Dolphins in conjunction with exploring reading comprehension strategies as outlined by Sheena Cameron. As the novel has many chapters, and is being read to the class over several weeks, the ‘summarising’ strategy has been a focus. Teacher modelling, group oral and written summaries, and pictorial summaries have been explored so far.
For the remaining chapters students will be asked to work collaboratively with a partner using Scratch 2.0 (with which they are familiar) to summarise the main event/s of a nominated chapter, using suitable backdrops to denote the setting, appropriate characters using dialogue, and music to convey the mood of the chapter.

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