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Maths achievement standards Grade 4: classify angles in relation to a right angle.
Digital Technologies achievement standards: define simple problems, design and implement digital solutions using algorithms that involve decision-making and user input.

Session 1 :
a) Play ‘Simon Says’ using arms in position of right, acute, obtuse angles to review concept of right angles.
b) Tell students that just as length can be measured in cm, angles are measured in degrees.
c) Students use a square piece of paper to find 90 degree angles in classroom/playground and record them with sketches/photos.
Session 2:
a) Students sort 2D plastic/wooden shapes into those with right angles and those without. Discuss.
b) Open blank editor in on TV screen. Type in code to draw a square, without telling students what you are doing. Ask students what this program might result in. Students draw on paper/whiteboards. Discuss.
c) Students draw their own squares with a partner using 9 lines of pencilcode.
Session 3:
a) Give students increasingly complex challenges. Eg: draw four squares of different colours, draw nested squares, draw other shapes that have right angles, draw different types of polygons etc
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