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We have been participating in a 3D Printing Partnership Program with a local museum. I have integrated a variety of literacy-based activities to enrich the learning. One idea uses Scratch. Students create an interactive program that helps the user gain insight into what a 'day in the life' of a young person living 120 years ago may have been like by making personal links to biographies, images and other texts from the past.
The series of lessons start with a variety of prompts (artefacts, images, texts). Students then construct an algorithm using flowchart conventions – incorporating decisions and repetition.
As backgrounds, students incorporate historic images. Each screen uses 'say' blocks to describe possible scenarios. Variables are used to personalise the story for the user (e.g. Name, age, number of siblings, distance and how travel to school, lard or dripping sandwiches etc.).
It is a task that can be quite easily modified to differentiate the learning and assessment depending on the age, programming experience and skill level of students.

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