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#U1_Introduction I am the Tasmanian project officer supporting colleagues engaged in the early implementation of the DIgital Technologies curriculum. I am looking forward to working with my fellow teachers here in Tasmania and being a supportive friend during each teacher's journey.
I am re visiting this part of the MOOC to meet those teachers here in Tasmania who have progressed to the extended MOOC.

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  • Philippa Clymo: Hi Peter. I’ve just completed!
  • Peter Lelong: Well done Philippa. I have been following your travels online and look forward to congratulating you over a coffee for your TASITE award when you have a moment to spare 🙂
  • Amanda Berry: Hi Peter, I completed the course last year with Debbie Campagna and this year I am joining a crew at Hutchins to complete the extended course. It is great that we have your support in Tasmania.

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