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I like the idea of students creating Scratch games that use/demonstrate their understanding of sentence structure. For instance, this random sentence generator allows a user to create randomly-generated sentences that follow standard grammar rules. Student creators of such games would need to really understand English curriculum goals such as use of adjective/noun groups, clauses and phrases.
A similar approach could be used to explore/play with English ideas such as homophones (for example, users choose which animation shows which homophone), prefixes/suffixes (show meaning of prefix/suffix in a variety of related words using the same prefix/suffix), apostrophes (game where users have to choose the correct animation according to where the apostrophe is placed) and so on.
Students interested in language creation of this sort might be interested to explore @Picdescbot on Twitter: a 'robot' algorithm that attempts to describe pictures. It has been programmed with certain English phrases and tries to use them to explain what it analyses in a picture. Results are not perfect – something that will amuse students, but also demonstrate the evolving and tricky nature of this kind of algorithm creation!
Another favourite grammar generation site is 'I made tea', by telescopic text It begins with the simple sentence 'I made tea', and each time a user clicks a highlighted word, that word is expanded to give more information with an additional description or phrase. Brilliant!

Scratch – Random Sentence Generator

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