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Turtle Art is another of the pattern generation software examples. It's free, but you need to contact the creators to download the software (very easy).
This site, from Gary Stager (co-author of the brilliant book about Making 'Invent to Learn' and guru of the Maker Movement) provides:
– information on how to get the free software
– examples of many beautiful geometric designs made using the software
– wonderful printable cards with 'see inside the code' instructions on how to make each design.
I have used these cards with Year 5/6 students, many of whom had no experience of coding, to 'tinker' with the code and 'see what happens' as a way of exploring how the code works. Their 'remixed' designs look great, because of the sound starting code, and the students learned lots about coding through the remixing.
Prior to this, I worked with the students to use Turtle Art to code basic shapes, using their geometry understanding of shape, angle and scale.
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Turtle Art Software – Invent To Learn

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