David Osman▸ U4: Math Connections

Linking Digital Technology and Maths

A three lesson series using computational thinking to link Mathematics and simple robotics.
Students will use a Bee-Bot to consider mathematical and spatial implications of programming a robot in the real-world.

Lesson one:
What can a Bee-bot do?
Distance and movement commands.
Students are shown a Bee-Bot and learn the commands it can receive and execute.
Students then measure and record how far the Bee-Bot travels in one forward movement.

Lesson Two:
Students design mazes to be drawn on butcher’s paper to suit the scale of the Bee-bot’s movement.
Buddies check student’s measurements.
Students plan out programming for Bee-Bots and record planned steps.

Lesson Three:
In pairs students test their mazes with Bee-Bots and vote on whose maze is the most accurately designed to suit Bee-Bots. They also keep score to see whose programming is most accurate- the programming that avoids obstacles most often.
An extension task would be for students to consider the addition of a third axis of movement, eg vertical movement. Students could view you tube clips on the use of industrial robots on assembly lines.

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