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Integrating Digital Technologies with English

My students have just finished a Science/English integrated unit on water. Part of this unit was learning about water supply, waste management and the Water Cycle. Students drew all this knowledge together in visual diagrams with arrows that made connections.They also wrote persuasive essays on ways to conserve water.

Integrating with technology, students might create a game that provides aims to teach others what they've learned about this topic (explain/persuade) ie. Where does water come from when we turn on the tap? Where does it go when the toilet is flushed? What should go down the toilet? What should go down the drain? How can we conserve water? The game could be made in Scratch or some other visual programming environment and include if/else statements. Students could brainstorm a list of pseudocode and then try and formulate this into a flowchart that includes if/else statements.

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