Deb D▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

I chose the Blockly games Maze to complete. I found the program easy to use for the first five levels. When I reached level 8 it became more difficult for me to solve the maze. Having the option of the command that stated 'if path (command) do (command)' threw me out a bit and it took a lot of problem solving to work out what to do.

I really enjoyed the activities within Blockly and found it easy to begin coding and can see my Year 1 students enjoying this program as well. Students can move to levels that suit their problem solving abilities at their own pace.

I would use this in the classroom after completing some 'unplugged' activities where students have taken part in paper mazes and human mazes where students place masking tape on the floor and give directions to a peer to follow the maze – this falls in nicely with directional language in Mathematics. Once they have had practice with these activities they can move onto the plugged activity on Blockly.

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