Deb D▸ U4: Math Connections

My Year One students completed a series of unplugged and plugged lessons associated with Mathematics: Number and Algebra integrated with Digital Technologies.

Unplugged activity: Students were given maths equations to solve which were associated with coding – the sum was attached to a letter and each sum placed together created a sentence. The learning objective for Mathematics was for them to be able to carry out simple additions and subtractions using counting strategies. The learning objective for Digital Technologies was for students to represent data from a pattern using simple conclusions.

Plugged activity: We had a large number line and students were given equations to answer. They needed to program the Beebot to locate the answer on the number line. This can also be done using Dash. The learning objective was an extended activity to the above as well as students having to locate numbers on a prepared number line. We also covered the Measurement and Geometry strand as students were directing the Beebot using the language of direction to move from place to place. The Digital Technologies learning objective was to create and share sequenced steps for solutions.


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