Kim Davis▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

#cserTask1 Create a learning and teaching resource that explains the key programming statements. You may create your resource with a particular year level band in mind F-2
I was particularly impressed with Fourie Jordaan's
version of making a jam sandwich. I intend trying that with my Prep class. Having taught Prep for 10 years I believe Prep teachers are masters of Computational Thinking In this example I will decompose the video further.
After having looked at hardware and parts of computers, and robots
e.g. this robot has wheels, this one flashes etc
e.g. parts of computer game
e.g. what's inside a computer
You know computer systems right? They have hardware and …… what’s this ?
A keyboard? an input device, so whats the screen? The output.
Collaborate in small groups and think of other ways you've seen input, output. Draw it on Seesaw or Explain everything and label it
Then show other egs of –
device is something that sends information to the computer. Some examples of input devices include:
* Mouse: gives the computer instructions through clicks.
* Microphone: provides digital sound data.
* Keyboards: provide input in the form of symbols, characters and punctuation.
* Cameras: cameras are another way of taking input. Remember the QR code exercise? When you use a smartphone to scan a QR code you are taking in the information contained in the code as a picture, then decoding that to get the real message.
Lots of things we do are in steps just like algorithms
eg Brushing our teeth, getting dressed, driving a car
What programme are you going to write? how to make a butter and jam samdwich do you think you can write a programme like that? step by step thinking like a computer? ok write a programme
ACT OUT – with 2 students
-Turn on computer . Computer needs to read the programme .
-tap tap tap calculate
-step one get 2 pieces of bread
-step get butter
-put butter on bread
-error error what do we need to do ?
– debug – collaboration in small groups
Students engage in debugging, collaboration, problems solving (several times)

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