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"I have already tried visual programming":

Option 1: We’ve provided pair programming as an example, but do you have any other strategies for encouraging students to either collaborate or explain their thinking/understanding in programming? Describe how you might structure an activity.

One thing that has worked well for my students is when they were tasked to create their own game. Firstly, we asked students what type of game they wanted to make (action, simulation, strategy, maze, etc). Once that was decided, we grouped those students together and let them decide what their design thinking would be. For example, a number of students wanted to create an action game and three boys all wanted to make it based on Cricket. Those three boys got together and created a game using Scratch based solely on having to hit a cricket ball.

Their mutual love for the game meant that they were fully engaged in the processes and as a result, they collaborated amazingly well.

Ultimately, any environment that encourages Inquiry will foster collaboration. When students are working on things that they are interested in rather than what a teacher has told them to, they will work harder, smarter and better together.


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