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I'm going to post something that I blogged about in my first year of teaching which I think fits nicely in this category.

I know it doesn't involve coding in any way but it does include digital technology in the form of the app TellagamiEDU. If you don't know about this app, it is an augmented reality app that I have found really useful when assessing students reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. I have even created a list of other ways it could be used.

Thinking about the activity outlined in my blog, if I was to repeat it now I could incorporate coding in some aspect and have the students create their own avatar in Scratch. They could then make their Scratch presentation interactive with a button for someone to press to have the avatar start talking and then maybe take it a step further by providing a 'do you agree – yes or no' button. In this way, they could additionally collect data based on their persuasive text, making it a maths task as well.


#cserTask2Little Bits of Tech (Part 3) – Tellagami EDU ponderingdan.blogspot.com.au

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