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"Task 2: Digital Tech + English".
I teach in a school with 55 different cultures. In Literacy I use Daily 5 CAFE. One differentiated activity for the Preps or Juniors is to make high frequency words or weekly spelling words out of beans, to reinforce their muscle memory.
The children could programme BeeBots to make letters or words using a Bee Bot plan e.g. see below and special thankyou Grant Fitzgerald –
Another idea although not involving coding skills we use Book Creator on the iPad to create a digital book, which incorporates text (sentences and labelling) , images and emojis for narrative retells and save onto Seesaw. When the kids press "Read To Me " in the Book Creator app, the text and Emojis (eg a pic of house is read " house ") are read back to the students.

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  • Rebecca Vivian: Fantastic ideas, Kim! I’m sure teachers would love to try these out in the classroom.

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