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#cserTask3 Digital Tech + Maths!

A Grade 4 project in Tessellations and 3D printing

ACMMG088; Compare and describe two dimensional shapes that result from combining and splitting common shapes, with and without the use of digital technologies.

Tessellations are an arrangement of 2D shapes closely fitted together in a repeated pattern without gaps or overlapping. We began our unit of work playing with pattern blocks and identifying shapes that tessellate.

After much designing, tracing and colouring we then looked to the master of tessellations, M.C.Escher. We learnt that we can split a tessellating shape such as a square and by combining the two new shapes, we can create a new irregular shape that tessellates. Students did this using cardboard squares, scissors and stickytape.

We had being playing with our new 3D printer using a web-based design tool called Cookie Caster. Our next step was to photograph our new tessellating shapes using their iPads. Then, go to the desktop machines and upload them to . The students then used the magic wand to trace and create our own tessellating cookie cutter designs. This was a great progression from the concrete to abstract. In using the software we were able to scale and adjust dimensions of the cutters and even trim some elements that didn't quite allow for tessellating to occur.

Finally, we printed our cutters (and some of Escher's) and made some gingerbread – just in time for Christmas!

* images are not my own but taken from google images.

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