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#csertask2 English + Digital Technologies
During term 3, year 5 Students read the book The Little Refugee by Anh Do and Suzanne Do. Through a series of lessons, students engaged with various elements of the text – including identifying the themes, Virtues, main character's choices in comparison to their own, and identifying visual Literacy elements employed to 'hook' the reader. Students used different mediums, including pencil and paper, PowerPoint, Explain Everything, camera and general typing to present their ideas. All digital elements were uploaded via the Education Department website Connect into the student's own folder. Each student then created and printed a QR code link to this site and attached it to their own hand-drawn front cover design in order to show their work to others from any device.
As an extension to this unit of work, after reading some fabulous ideas in the google community, I would ask students to animate a part of the story to include one major theme or virtue that the student thought was important in the story and incorporate an explanation. Using an animated character in Scratch Jnr or similar app, to 'talk or show' about the theme or virtue, students could share their understanding of the book's message.
The Digital technology outcome would incorporate programming using algorithms, branding and iteration, animation, working collaboratively, designing and investigating, creating and communicating safely online.
The English outcomes encompass read, view, interpret, evaluate and explain texts, take in different perspectives, :resent different point of view, reflecting on the viewpoints of others , describe the effects of ideas, text structures and language features on particular audiences, create literary texts using settings and characters in texts students have experienced.

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