Madelyn Healy▸ U4: Math Connections

Maths and Digital Technologies- Integration

Lesson One: Students use meter rulers to measure the length of the basketball court. They then use popsticks to make a scale model in centimeters. Whilst completing this task students create a flowchart to determine the best way on completing this scale model.

Lesson Two: Students use their knowledge of measurement to design a maze for a Beebot to travel through. They must create this maze using popsticks and then use grid paper to create a scale drawing of the maze.

Lesson Three: Students create the maze and use picture cards to create an algorithm in the form of a flowchart to navigate the Beebot through the maze. The total distance traveled is calculated.

Lesson Four: Students use their maze design as inspiration to create a similar maze like activity on scratch. If the player takes a wrong turn they have to answer a multiplication question before continuing through the maze.

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