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Extending on the idea from the course of creating a new technology and discussing it's impact, we could take this further and create a HASS and English collaborative lesson with the following structure:

The class is split into groups, each group completes the same task, but with a 'snowball' effect where you pass your idea on, work on it and pass it on. This encourages students to peer assess everything they receive and be exposed to a range of ideas (inspired by Kagan strategies)

1. Create a new product idea
2. Move your idea to another group and pick the new idea apart by discussing nefarious uses of the technology
3. Move your idea to another group and create potential laws required for the new product,
4. Critiques the laws and make them better (6 hat thinking might be good at this stage!)
5. Give the completed document back to the original group and have them improve or change the product and go through the same processes once more.
6. Once this is complete, reflect on how digital technologies are a benefit to society and potentially harmful to society.

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