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ACHASSI027: Present narratives, information and findings in oral, graphic and written forms using simple terms to denote the passing of time and to describe direction and location.

Also useful for Language revival, first and second language pathways and kinship descriptions in Aboriginal Languages and Torres Straight Islander languages

We built a family tree, using a search for "Family Tree" on Google images, then saved the image as a backdrop or stage in Scratch.

Pictures of each relative (paternal Grand mother/father, maternal grandmother/father and so forth were sought and installed as new sprites in Scratch and positioned appropriately on the tree.

The idea is that students write (or helped to write), then record a short passage about each relative, including themselves, which is saved as a sound for that sprite.

Simple code: "when I am clicked on, play sound" for each sprite (you can copy/paste then change the parameters) so that the family tree responds to clicking on a family member to hear their story

A partially completed example (not all family tree entries have been made) is uploadable from your computer to your space, or you can download the scratch stand alone editor from

The partially completed project is at

A slightly modified version of the same program is available for a MakeyMakey setup.

Here, print the family tree and each member out on a sheet of paper, place foil or conductive paint under each family member image and connect to, say, "w" on the makey makey

It's the same idea, except that this time, you use a makey makey to capture the pointed finger touch and play the relevant family member's history audio. Remember that the user will have to touch another piece of foil connected to the earth on the makey makey to connect the circuit

The makey makey version is here:

This concept can easily be modified to speak about a building in a town streetscape, an element of the water cycle, parts of speech – go for it.


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