Suzana Curtis▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

Task 1 – Visual Programming – New to Visual Programming
Option 1 – I chose to do the CS First activity and selected the Google Logo starter project. I really enjoyed the tutorials and found them very simple and easy to follow. The activity itself was fun and engaging, I know that the students would absolutely love this visual program and am looking forward to introducing it and many others to my Y3 students next year. I enjoyed exploring different algorithms and creating my own project. I did find sequencing my steps at times challenging as I had to problem solve how to make it work how I wanted it to move. This activity really incorporates computational thinking and problem solving – it is a great differentiation visual program that all students can complete at their own pace and experience level. I selected this activity as it is a fantastic introduction to coding and can be used and extended in many other ways – could incorporate literacy, numeracy, health, STEM. #cserTask1

Scratch – Google Logo Starter Project remix

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