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Hello to Anyone who is reading this. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and read mine too.

I have taught coding for a significant part of the year now, following training Code Club and the first of the F-6 Digital Tech MOOCS.

I find it to be great fun and an excellent way to introduce the step by step process of solving problems, debugging and working out how the steps they choose solve the problem they have encountered.

So far my students have used, blockly, scratch and edblock for Edison robots. They have become more and more fluent with understanding how they must carefully choose the actions that will get them a result.

When I first did coding it was all strange to me as I had to understand the instructions first and what each block was able to do. Scratch was the first one of these. I had no idea what to do, but with some careful reading and a PD with Code Club I have become the Code Master, according to one of my younger classes. Mind you this is not hard when you assist several students to solve similar problems.

If I was to tackle Task 2 under having already tried visual programming my resource would be around the key terms students will encounter in coding and create an unplugged lesson helping students to understand these terms before putting them into practice. Terms like – block, debugging, algorithm, steps, what if statements and many more.

Students need to vocabulary that goes with coding to ensure they have the capacity to understand what they are being asked to do. I am not sure if it exists, but my challenge to myself, as I think about 2018, is to to create a resource allowing students to access knowledge of key coding terms to see them established with the terminology before making it work. Stay tuned….#cserTask1

Back with this link which contains the terms I was talking about. I would encourage literacy based tasks that allow students to explore these terms prior to their application.Glossary

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  • Rebecca Vivian: This glossary is really useful! Thank you for sharing your ideas.
  • Russell MacKenzie: + Rebecca Vivian Thanks Rebecca, I am always finding new resources, there are just so many. Do you know if there is a community like this one where people can share useful resources? Because I just don’t have time to look over them all throughly and if there was a place to share resources we knew about it could be a benefit to everyone.

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