Jackie Koelmeyer▸ U4: Math Connections

This was series of lessons that we planned together with the ES1 teachers using a guided inquiry approach. It was again an integrated lesson with the science outcomes and the following maths outcomes.

MAe-1WM – describes mathematical situations using everyday language, actions, materials and informal recordings
MAe–3WM – uses concrete materials and/or pictorial representations to support conclusions
MAe-17SP – represents data and interprets data displays made from objects

The students were provided the following inquiry question: How can you design a map that helps the BlueBot move around, stopping at a minimum of 4 stations to learn how objects move and get to his school on time?

The students are required to create their own grid map and then use the arrows to guide the blue bot. Their used the process of: Prototype- Feedback- amend prototype- build- test-share- evaluate.

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