Neeshia Delaporte▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

I have dabbled in coding before, but haven't tried the Blockly games, so I attempted these with an idea towards adding them to my 'toolbox' of teaching strategies.

I found the lack of instructions frustrating but also rewarding as when I managed to complete the maze, I felt that I had tried hard and earned the win!

While working in a Year 4 class, I had my students work in pairs to code a Sphero to complete a maze (taped onto a carpet mat). I differentiated the difficulty of the maze based on students abilities as I didn't want my SAER students to struggle too much and feel defeated (although their mazes where still a challenge for them). I also ensured that I mixed the mats up so that an easier mat was next to a harder mat so that the students were able to witness each other's successes and to be able to ask questions during the coding phase. #cserTask1

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