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Based on the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? By Bill Martin Jnr and Eric Carle, K-2 students collaboratively composed a similar book Black Dog, Black Dog, What do you see?  Students took turns choosing an animal and dictating the accompanying text which was written on the whiteboard for all to share. 
Students then used the iPad app 'Book Creator' to create their own eBook following the text they had constructed collaboratively.  Students illustrated the pages and typed the text (younger students were assisted to type).  Students designed their own book cover with the class name as the author and their own name as the illustrator. 
On completion students were able to use the Book Creator app to have their story read to them while they followed along.  
Students shared their eBooks with their Grandparents and Grandfriends on Grandparents Day. Students could also have shared their eBook by adding it to their Digital Portfolio on the SeeSaw app.
Outcomes – Respond to and compose texts  
EN1-10c/ENe-10C – Thinks imaginatively and creatively about familiar topics, ideas and texts when responding to and composing texts   
recreate texts imaginatively using drawing, writing, performance and digital forms of communication (ACELT1586) 
ACTDIP006 – Digital Technologies, Processes and Production Skills – Create and organise ideas and information using information systems independently and with others, and share these with known people in safe online environments  
In a following lesson students used the iPad app Scratch junior to create an animated version of their text. 

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