Joanne Butler▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

Option 1: We’ve provided pair programming as an example, but do you have any other strategies for encouraging students to either collaborate or explain their thinking/understanding in programming? Describe how you might structure an activity.

I will be moving to transition (foundation) this year and have really been thinking on how I can work with our youngest students to develop these skills. I have particularly enjoyed learning about flowcharts in this course and think it will be a great way to introduce unplugged activities with the students. I am planning on using flowcharts to teach new routines including going to the toilet unsupervised. I also loved the examples using Rosie’s Walk as this is one of our prescribed texts from previous years.

I will introduce the concepts of resilience when faced with setbacks by reading ‘Engibear’s Dream’ by Andrew King. It teachers students about the design process and how to manage failures. We will be using Bee Bots a lot this year. Initially I will model how to program them, as well as the thinking aloud process, using a flowchart. Then I will get students to work together in teams to program the Bee Bots to complete various tasks. We will start in rotation times so that I can support students to collaboratively create solutions and manage conflicts and failures. As students become more confident and familiar with the Bee Bots I will begin to set whole class challenges.

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