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Rosie’s Walk and Bee Bots

I have seen this activity come up a few times and I am keen to try it with my Transition (foundation) class this year… We will be focussing on:
• DT – programming the Bee Bots and sequencing.
• English – Writing story maps and recounts of the story.

Students will listen to the story ‘Rosie’s Walk’ by Pat Hutchins. We will then create a story map as a whole class activity listing all the things Rose did on her walk. Once this is done we will use story and vocab cards to plan our walk. We will also make a chicken jacket for our Bee Bot. Students will then help plan the instructions to program the Bee Bots.
Lesson Plan idea:
Cards for the Bee Bot:
Vocab Posters

There are also some excellent resources on Twinkl for other stories. This link is for the Little Red Hen…

#cserTask2 #DTandEnglishLittle Red Hen Bee Bot Resource Pack

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