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Option: Go to Blockly games and select either the Turtle or Maze Challenge to complete.

Although I've just finished the Foundations course which introduced visual programming I didn't spend much time playing with Blockly or Scratch so wanted to give it a go. I did the Turtle challenge and after the first couple I thought oh, this is too easy. But then I got to the level where you had to draw 4 stars and they were all on slightly different angles and I'll admit – I was stumped! I very nearly gave up and clicked ahead to the next level but when I saw it built upon the one I was stuck on I realised there was no way around it, I had to figure it out. When I went back it had reset the code to what I had after the previous level and I thought, I'll just run it to see where I'm at and suddenly it clicked and I realised where I was going wrong. Rather than simply building upon the previous code I had started changing it and was trying to draw the stars in an anticlockwise direction rather than clockwise, so it wasn't working. After that realisation – that each level builds upon and extends the code from the previous level rather than changing it completely – I was able to breeze through the rest of the challenge. Overall I really enjoyed it, it got me thinking and problem solving, the interface was really easy to use. I'm really looking forward to doing activities like this with my students now! #csertask1

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  • Meridith Ebbs (iMerinet): So glad to hear you persevered and solved the problems. They do get harder with each level. I have a website which may provide some additional resources for students and you.

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