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Spelling is something I am really passionate about and I've used lots of different strategies to get students to engage with and really understand spelling instead of just memorising lists of words. Our spelling lists each week focus on particular letter/sound combinations, rules, etymology etc. so I'm now planning to have them work in pairs to create a spelling game with a focus on one of those things. I would start by playing different spelling games with them and discussing the features of those games, what works well, what they like about them, what could be improved etc. Then I would get them to choose their spelling focus and the type of game they want to create, before working together to create a flowchart or diagram to show how the game will work. They can then do pair programming to create and test their game and in the last week of term we will share the games in an online space where the students can access and play eachother's games. I would give them the opportunity to provide constructive feedback on eachother's games and, at the end, reflect on their experience. #csertask2

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