Jessica Torrisi▸ U4: Math Connections

I'll be honest that it's been a while since I've taught Maths (5yrs excluding the odd relief day here and there!) so I'm probably not thinking outside the box here but one of my Year 7s favourite activities used to be developing their own Maths board games to teach a particular concept or skill. They had to go through the full design process – choosing a target audience, a mathematical concept/skill, a format for the game, rules, questions/answers etc. and then physically create the game as well. It culminated in a great lesson where they had the opportunity to play each others board games and provide feedback whilst sharpening their Maths skills. So I'm thinking that this could easily be integrated with Digital Technologies by having them create their game in Scratch or another visual programming environment and that doing so would provide further opportunities in Maths as well. Pretty basic I know but I'm loving reading all the other creative ideas on here – will definitely be checking back if I ever get another Maths class! #csertask3

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