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I am planning to introduce the use of IPads to explore 2D shapes in a Year 2 class – "Identifying key features of squares, rectangles, triangles, kites, rhombuses and circles, such as straight lines or curved lines, and counting the edges and corners."
This could be done as an activity to see what the children already know or as an assessment task at the end of a unit on Shape.
Lesson 1: Review how to take photos on an IPad – holding the IPad, pointing and shooting carefully to make sure you get what you want into the middle of the shot etc. Take photos of friends and items in the classroom. Show children how to access Markup on their IPads to draw onto their photos – give their faces some funny features to practice this feature. *See below for a link on how to access Markup on your IPad.
Lesson 2: Children can be in groups of 2-3 and go around the classroom or outside to take photos of things that show different 2D shapes.
Lesson 3: Using Markup get the children to draw the features of the 2D objects they have photographed – lines, angles, edges and corners. Get them to add those to the photo or record the features of the objects into their books.

*This activity can also be done straight into Seesaw which is a great App for recording this sort of activity and children can draw straight onto photos they draw in this app as well. They can also record their voices to explain their pictures using Seesaw.
#cserTask3 to Markup, Write, & Draw on Photos with iPhone or iPad

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