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One popular english task amongst teachers is the 'twisted fairy tail' where students re-write a fairy tale of their choosing making changes (usually humorous) and imagining how the story would end differently based on these changes. I would have students create an animation or text based game to show their rewritten fairy tales. For example, the game may begin with Goldilocks entering the three bears house, players maybe then gives a set of choices, should they eat the porridge, should they leave, should they knock the porridge on the floor? How will these changes alter the traditional goldilocks story that we know. The more comfortable a student is with the coding elements, the more variables can be added and the more 'alternate endings' there will be. Playing through the game many times and seeing the alternate endings will give students a deeper understanding of the narrative choices that need to be made by an author to ensure the reader understands the exact idea the author wanted to portray.

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