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Task Extra on Extended F-6 An idea to share.
When I was at school I was told there were no dinosaurs in Australia. How sad is that? Here is an idea which you may be able to run with. I have included key words to get you going if this idea floats your boat. I made a series of paintings of the Eromanga Sea (a lot of imagination). Then photographing them i was able to run them as an animation. It could have been anywhere until I led into the current shape of Australia. Most of the kids in my small rural school had not ever heard of the Eromanga Sea. My students were then able to research some of the big finds (Titanosaurs like 'Cooper' and Matilda, Australoventors like Banjo and Diamantinasurus). They mapped the fossil and bone finds and learned about black soils, marine reptiles – Kronosaurus, Riversleigh and The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum at Winton. I had personal photos i could use but there are plenty online. My students followed map coordinates, learned about recovering fossils, learned about time lines, classification, fossil stories and heaps more and were able to make a collaborative class presentation to share amongst other grades. I gave my notes to two friends and they ran with it in their own way at other schools. There is NO WAY you can't engage kids with Dinosaurs and with a bit of Digital Technology they almost come to life!

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