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I have been using a really really old programme with students for many years and our girls particularly like it. It is Alice by Carnagie Melon. It is now in version 3 but I have version 2 on disk. It uses blockly but it was in their own style (pre blockly). What our girls love is the chance to make scenes and really go to town on the look of the thing. Boys also like it as they can stage fights. There is no need to teach. Sharing is natural and spontaneous when a scene is completed. Allowing students to move around and look at what others are creating is a great way to get them to take a break from their screen (OH&S) and collaborate. Peer tutorials also happen spontaneously. I usually start them off with a quote or an observation and give them a time limit. We share on the big screen so everyone can marvel at the creativity. We are only allowed to make positive suggestions no put downs and once this is habit it makes for a creative and enjoyable space where grade 5 and 6 students feel comfortable to tackle assignments for subjects as a story in Alice.

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