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In the past, a colleague used paintings to tell stories with little students. I am a high school teacher but in a district school I can often go to the primary and have a bit of fun with the littlies. This teacher used a simple process to make a background for animations. The students do three colour blocks from left to right across the page. These could be any size. This was part of learning how to mix colours and learning about primary colours etc. In the next lesson they added static elements such as trees, bushes, flowers and rocks. I think she then photographed or scanned them and uploaded them to a programme. The students then learned how to add animations on their background. Every lesson was like adding layers and in each one she focussed each child on a particular element and encouraged them to tell a story. If anyone knows more detail about the programmes she might have used or intuitively knows how to build on this I would appreciate a heads up. I would like to use it with high school students?

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