Kathryn Hewlett▸ U3: English Connections

I created a lesson plan on sequencing and narrative planning using a storyboard to cover all primary year levels. I wanted something i could use as a relief teacher. It starts with reading a short story to the class, then telling them they will create their own ending. the story can be whatever book/short story you have appropriate to that year level.
For the early years the lesson involves drawing pictures in a storyboard and writing simple words for names of their characters. Then they need to cut out each frame, re-order and then order someone else's story frames.
Older years create their story board then depending on their experience with coding software and year level write in their books a plan to transfer their story to digital. This would include what movements, speech, sounds etc they would include and any actions that are repeated.
They key here is they learn the importance of sequencing, planning and narrative structure.
Of course if their is time they could actually use the technology if available to create their endings 🙂


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