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Unit 4 Maths Connections
I have used a number of activities with my Year 1 students that focus on identifying and creating patterns as they design algorithms.
The relevant achievement standards from Mathematics and Digital Technologies.
Follow, describe and represent a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve simple problems (ACTDIP004 )
Investigate and describe patterns with objects. (ACMNA018)
Recognise and classify familiar two dimensional shapes (AGMMG022)
Give and follow directions to familiar locations (ACMMG023)
Unplugged activities
Students can be the robots. They create an algorithm writing code to move in a particular pattern of steps and turns. They can record the code on white boards then ask a partner to follow the instructions. Is the result as expected or does the algorithm need debugging?
Bee Bot
Program the Bee Bot to make a shape. Can you make the same shape in a different size? Can you make any other shapes?
The shape task can be done with Cubetto. Students can identify repeat patterns in their instructions and use the function key to repeat a series of instructions.
Scratch Junior
Students can create patterns using the repeat block. An example is at the following link:-

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