E Tonbul▸ U3: English Connections

Narrative Direct and Indirect Speech

Focus: Create a conversation and a drawing on Scratch

Task One:
Students are to firstly create a sprite that is just a small dot and will eventually make the dot draw something on its own through instruction.

Students must firstly open up the Scratch Grade 5 Booklet and follow the instructions as per the document, titled Automatic Drawing.

Once finished, ask the students to save their work in their personalised Scratch folders.

Task Two:
Students are to create a new Scratch page where they have at least two Sprites talking to each other. Students are to use the ‘say’ and ‘wait’ blocks to coordinate the conversation.

Students refer to the ‘Conversation’ page in the Scratch Grade 5 Booklet. Students then add a background and costumes, as well as any additional changes.

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