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Future lesson – Year 5 students will create a digital version of an imaginative narrative they have written in class using the traditional "Plan, Draft, Revise, Edit, Publish" approach. Through this activity students will explore the parallels between traditional narratives and game design, particularly how both have common structural components and audience experiences. I would use an approach based on the technique of pairs programming (a driver sitting at the keyboard and a navigator reading Scratch cards outlining the steps), and over a series a lessons, students can design and animate a game inspired by their story on Scratch. However, the digital version of their adventure will need to introduce three alternate outcomes which depend on the sprites (characters) good decision-making. Students will need to consider, on a moment by moment basis, how their audience will probably react to the events leading up to solution and how the game ultimately ends. They will be encouraged to reflect upon how game makers must also plan for the fluidity of their digital media projects and identify with their audiences as they share and give feedback to other projects

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