Kimberley Gerdes▸ U3: English Connections

Task 2: Digital Tech and English

Digital Technologies:
Plan, create and communicate ideas and information, including collaboratively online, applying agreed ethical, social and technical protocols

EN3-1A: communicates effectively for a variety of audiences and purposes using increasingly challenging topics, ideas, issues and language forms and features.

Lesson overview:

Students will develop skills in communicating ideas effectively. Presenting their points of view and providing research to support their ideas. They will develop listening skills when listening to other students points of view and they will debate ideas.

Students will research the topic of online cyber bullying. Looking for statistics and facts to support both sides of the topic (cyber bullying is/is not a problem). They can think about whether cyberbullying just effects students or can adults be effected too. They can come up with solutions for ways to reduce bullying including setting some protocols for online behavior.

Student could present their findings using a 'micro-lab' thinking routine to ensure all students speak and listen.

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Micro Lab Protocol

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