Caroline Budgen▸ U4: Math Connections

Task 3: Digital Tech + Math

Two lesson/unit ideas for the early years:

In Prep, when introducing left and right bee-bots were a fantastic and engaging way to introduce left and right and successfully build this concept into their memory. I introduced this using cards with the left and right and corresponding bee-bot symbols. We then use the bee-bots throughout the term in short intervals to practice using the words left and right and programming the bee-bot to get to an image e.g. which way would we turn to reach the treasure chest. This was a great way for students seeing that when they are facing the bee-bot left and right looks different to when they are facing the same way as the bee-bot.

In Year 1, we then moved to use Blockly to develop our understanding of direction giving as well as visual programming. Students quickly realised they had to consider the way the man was facing rather than where they were facing. We introduced this by using mini whiteboards and we would plan our path, before moving to plan it on the computer. This cemented their understanding of left/right, forward as well as using the visual programming blocks to repeat steps. #cserTask3

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