Tamara Camilleri▸ U3: English Connections

Students can combine Scratch and Makey Makey to produce interactive writing pieces. They record themselves reading sections of completed writing into Scratch and use Makey Makey to create triggers within books, posters or buttons they've made for playing the text audio.

An example could have students create a picture story book from completed narratives and create a read aloud button on every page for their reader to press to hear the story. An adaption of this could have students creating a button for each section of the story, without the picture book element. The user/reader must press each button to hear the sections, and sequence the buttons correctly to put the story into order. It could be a great way for students across year levels to share their writing.

Alternatively, students could create interactive posters for displaying information or persuasive texts where the reader presses a trigger on images to hear text. Below is an example of this. #cserTask2

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