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Hi everyone,

My name is Jo and I work one day a week at St Martin of Tours in Rosanna. I have two children, my daughter who is 6 and in grade one this year and my son is 3 so I'm pretty much a full time mum/ wife!

I have completed the Foundations CSER MOOCs course and loved it so now doing the extended part. I am working in Prep this year but not currently doing any Digi Tech in this level – but hope to introduce in the future. However the last few years of my teaching part time I taught the Digi Tech to the level trough rotations.

I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this second part of the course and skill myself up more as I am very keen and interested in this areas of my teaching and hoping to increasing my teaching days in the future as my son gets older and get more into the Digi Tech role as a specialist or as an coach to other staff in my classroom level.

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  • Celia Coffa: Welcome again Jo! Glad you could fit this course in amongst all your other life roles! It is great being able to self-pace through the material
  • Nigel and Jo Maloney: Hi Celia, Great to be in touch again… can’t wait to get though it and starting doing! Hope we can be in touch again :-))

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