Simone Calligaro▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

Task 1: Visual Programming

Although I have used Scratch with my class before, I was interested to see what the CS First Website offerred. In this task I selected the sports option where I had to create a touchdown animation. I liked the video tutorials that went with this website. They were clear and you could refer back to the instructions when you needed reminding how to do something.

In the past, I hadn't explored clicking on a block then clicking over it with the question mark. This gave me a clear example of how to use blocks I hadn't selected before. I also discovered the length of the background was 480 steps. This knowledge was useful for programming the number of steps on a page. Another thing I discovered was how I could link the teaching of coordinates with placement of the x and y axis programming. In my touchdown program, I wanted to move to three different back line positions. Coordinates understanding would make it easier for students to use the x and y blocks.


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