Nicole F▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

I run a Coding Club (Years 3-6) at my school for two groups of students and this was a collaborative project that I ran with them over this term. Students used 6 Makey Makey devices to create a giant floor piano. It was 8 of the connecting yoga mats long, with 5 keys for each Makey Makey device.

Students learnt how to create circuits by carefully measuring each key so that they fit the piano in the correct shape.

Students then learnt how to create a piano on Scratch – the first time they coded it, they made it using piano noises across 6 different computers (1 computer for each Makey Makey). Then they decided they wanted the keys to make strange noises rather than piano sounds, and they coded a second set of pianos with the pre-programmed noises from Scratch.

The Coding Club students (and staff!) then ran a session at lunch time where all of the students from the school had a go on the piano. They were amazing and very engaged in their project.

I got the idea from Instructables – please see the link. #cserTASK1Makey Makey Floor Piano

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