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Our school has recently bought 3D pens and I have been wondering how to make the best use of them in my 4/5 classroom. This article
includes a photo of students making 3D shapes using pre-drawn nets to trace over. Once the students were familiar with using the pens and the vocabulary and features of 3D shapes using pre-drawn nets, I would encourage them to explore making changes to the shapes and testing their designs, for instance, what would we have to do to make a pyramid 10 cm high. They would need to decompose the problem and use computational thinking to solve the problem. I would include real life problems such as making a gift box to fit a particular toy/ornament. We could also include science outcomes and test which structures would be the strongest made with a specific length of plastic.A Look At Using 3D Pens In The Classroom – Guest Post from Martha Slack – EdTechTeacher

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