Bree Skinner▸ U4: Math Connections

#cser Task 3: To integrate maths with digital technologies you could use Blocky Turtle which:
"uses a simple visual programming system to navigate a drawing turtle around a coordinate grid, drawing lines to form shapes. Blockly Turtle is one of a series of Blockly-based games, where students are asked to develop a sequence of instructions, using the Blockly visual programming language, to draw a specific shape. The challenges become progressively more difficult and can be used for either individual student challenges, or whole of class challenges. Students can be asked to create, either individually or in pairs, the sequence of instructions to draw the shape, and then be asked to swap with another group to test their instructions before entering their solution as a class."
This program is an engaging way for students to learn all about mathematical shapes and difficulty in lessons can greatly vary.
In addition to using Blocky Turtle to teach students mathematical shapes , students could also use beebots and sphero's to create shapes in many interesting and engaging ways!

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