Jessie Pawson▸ U4: Math Connections

Using digital technology with maths will work perfectly with my prep/one class and their position and location assessment where they need to give and follow directions to familiar locations using bee bots.

As a class we are going to create a school map. I have cut out different coloured shapes to represent the buildings and together we will glue them onto a map. I then give students instructions they need to follow and tell me where they end up e.g. library. Students then work in pairs to give each other directions to places and also ask "how could you get to the tuckshop" and see if they can generate a sequence of steps.

We will then use the bee bots on a map and create our school map onto the scale a bee bot can follow. Students will then have to program the bee bot to follow their partners instructions of how to get somewhere and see if they are following their prompts correctly as well as see if they are giving correct instructions. I will have sequencing cards with left right stop go forwards and backwards to scaffold their learning.

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