Cathie Bennedick▸ U4: Math Connections


Task 3: Digital Tech and Maths
Digital Technologies:
Design, modify and follow simple algorithms involving sequences of steps, branching, and iteration (repetition)
Problem solving and geometry. Measure and construct shapes and angles and apply relationships to find unknown angles.

Year 5: Shapes
Students will be introduced to angles and shapes and have the opportunity to estimate, measure, compare and construct angles using pencils and protractors.
Students will complete all activities in lesson 6 ‘Artist’ of (image below). Students can also complete the 'Frozen' Hour of Code.

Students will use their knowledge of geometry to calculate the interior angles of regular polygons and then code Sphero to create those polygonal shapes.

A further activity King Arthur’s Castle taken from activities
King Arthur’s castle is about to be under attack! Tyrants from the North are making their way down in an attempt to break into the King’s fortress and steal his gold. Arthur’s most trusted military advisors are researching improved arrowslit designs for the archer towers varying the designs in the number of sides. It is rumoured that certain shape designs have been found to confuse the enemy. You will have to calculate the interior angles of regular polygons. Use Sphero coding and geometry to map out the perimeter of each arrowslit design. Each shape design must fit within a metre square so that the opening won’t be too large making the archers vulnerable.
First start by using the SPRK APP to write a code for an equilateral triangular arrowslit. After the Sphero completes each side of the polygon, use the RGB Command to indicate a side is complete by changing colour. You may want to include ‘stop’ and ‘delay’ codes and a slower speed to ensure accuracy of your design. After you have mastered the triangle design, work on a square, and then a pentagon, a hexagon, etc. The more you make the better your defences will be!

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