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It has been a long time, since I have been able to get to this course, but finally having the time.

Combining English and Digital Technology has been something fun that has a growing and developing ability to have students create something with a range of less and more digital solutions. I teach Digital Tech across grades 1 to 6 so I see a progression and plan similar themed ideas for each group with different context and application. Lower grades drew a character with a the basic art shapes in Word and then added a story. This builds ICT skills which are critical for more in depth digital processes. Middle grades create a Word doc for the purpose of defining key terms used to understand ICT, then the base is set for what I want them to do in the top end of Primary School.

In their class students created an advert. As a school we got a Powtoon account and students have been asked to use Powtoon to turn their poster into a real ad. This takes their persuasive writing and gives it a digital platform. This is made easier by students practicing skills in a ICT environment. Students can learn that when using Digital tools, they can express information in new ways and all of this builds confidence for other digital solutions.

Tutorials for Powtoon online animated presentation software creator

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