Digital sound effects to bump up writing

We are inquiring in to light and sound in my 1-2 class. As part of this we are looking at how sound evokes feeling and imagery and how it adds to a film or in this case, a piece of student narrative writing. Depending on the age, this could be done individually, in small groups or whole class with one used to demonstrate. Taking the whole class approach, after reading a piece of chosen student writing aloud to the class, discuss what sound effects could be relevant. List ideas on the board and discuss how these could be produced using multimedia tools. The children would then go away, perhaps with a sound effect each group, and check back in regularly with the teacher to improve or problem solve. Come back to share each sound and then match it with the piece of writing. Ask the children to keep in mind how their next narrative could be written to include more opportunity for senses and imagery, to bump up writing. Australian curriculum connection-Identify that texts serve different purposes and that this affects how they are organised. Explore different ways of expression emotions.Digital Curriculum connections:F-2 Digital Systems

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